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A Little About Us ~

Scott Pobjoy, owner of Cash Manufacturing since late 2005, began working for Tedd D. Cash, founder of Cash Manufacturing in 1980 while still in high school. Cash Manufacturing is proud to offer a full line of American made muzzle-loading supplies including pipes, nose-caps, hardware and parts, gun hangers and our newest Ratcheting Nipple Wrenches. With over 40 years of experience, we continue to provide the highest quality products at the lowest price along with the fastest delivery possible. We are working on developing new products continually and strive to keep the love of muzzle-loading alive and strong for future generations to enjoy. We would like to express sincere thanks and appreciation to our customers, dealers and employees for their continued support and trust in our company. We work hard to live up to your high expectations and look forward to serving your needs for many years to come.

Company History:
Tedd D. Cash, founder of Cash Manufacturing, began the company in 1968. With a love of history, building guns, and attending the Friendship shoot, he soon discovered there was a need for quality builder's hardware. Tedd's interest in guns began back in the 1950's with an old 30 caliber half stock rifle. After serving in the military, he built a Kentucky pistol from a Dixie Gun Works kit. He admits that was very crude by today's standards but he enjoyed it and introduced many to muzzle-loading over the years.

Back in 1977, Tedd noticed that percussion cappers were not what shooters expected.  They worked haphazardly and dropped caps, caps turned over inside the capper, and the caps would not feed properly.  Shooters turned to us for help.  Tedd went through a friend's large collection of original cappers and found one that he felt could be reproduced and improved at the same time.  The end result was our now Famous Cash Rifle Capper, followed by the Revolver Capper or Famous Cash Universal Capper as it is referred to now. Thousands of these were sold over the next few years.  We are the only manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty on these two Cappers.  

Several years later, we were asked to make a straight line capper that really worked.  We completely redesigned an existing Straight Line Capper to a point that enabled us to receive our first patent on a capper.  Later, the trend was for a Musket Capper that was fairly priced and durable.  Again, we came through and were issued a patent on this Straight Line Musket Capper.  Recently, the 209 shot gun primer has become the rage by deer hunters everywhere.  We designed a very simple yet dependable and durable Primer Dispenser with a built-in decapper as well.  We were issued a patent on this design as well.

Now, you can understand why we can proudly call ourselves, "The Capper Experts" ! 

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