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Unknown engraver. Slightly used, refurbished capper. Includes handmade leather sheath and display box. 


Lifetime warranty. Called the best rifle capper in the world. Holds approximately 75 caps. Works with any caps except 1055 caps are about .030 taller than any other caps on the market and do not work with any of our cappers, unfortunately. Works on rifles or shotguns. WILL NOT work on revolvers, but may work on some inline action rifles. Simple to operate, even with your gloves on.

For loading instructions go to and type in TDCMFG 

Measures 3-9/16" x 1-3/8" x 13/32"


(The mahogany box comes with  the capper)

Rifle Capper - Engraved - Hand engraved

SKU: CR-2-Engraved
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